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Paradise is here.

Actualizado: 25 ene 2023

Are you ready for an underground adventure?

Did you know that on the Yucatan peninsula there are no mountains, lakes or rivers above ground? Here they are all underground. In Mayan culture, cenotes (or ts'ono'ot in the language of the Maya) are considered the gateways to the XIBALBÁ, the underworld.

Cenotes are actually complex underground formations. They are the result of rainwater seeping through the porous limestone earth and flowing to the sea via underground rivers. In some places, the rock has been weakened by erosion of the constantly passing water, and subsequently collapsed. This creates a sinkhole, creating underground cavities filled with (rain) water: the cenotes.

Thanks to these cenotes, the ancient Maya had access to filtered rainwater that was collected underground, and this was their source of drinking water. Cenotes still play an important role in the Mayan communities that exist up to today. There are more than 10000 cenotes on the Yucatan peninsula, but only about 700 of them have been explored by cave divers and land exploration. Many of the cenotes are hidden deep inside the Mayan jungle. Let us take you snorkeling in these beautiful underground rivers with their crystal clear waters and millions of years old stalactite structures, while we teach you about the amazing Mayan culture. All you have to do is enjoy the spectacular views.

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